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Transforming Insomnia into restful sleep

How Emotional Blueprint Can Transform Insomnia into a restful sleep

During our day we can be overwhelmed with stress, which will often trigger our kidneys and adrenal glands to be in a state called ʻfight or flightʼ.

This condition, often unbeknownst to us, can become silently chronic, leading to adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is becoming an epidemic in our society, and can impact all aspects of our lives, and, for many, it can trigger sleep issues or insomnia.

You may find that you are restless and unable to fall asleep, with your mind racing, or that you fall asleep only to wake in the early hours, wide awake and unable to relax enough to go back to sleep.

So what can you do?

Valuable tools, such as breathing exercises, and visualisations can help you bring your kidneys and adrenal glands back to a state of balance.

These are best done regularly and can also be used when you wake in the night or before bed.

Genetic patterns

Your ʻEmotional Blueprintʼ is the patterning of your emotional tendencies, which mirrors your family members and usually the significant people in your lives.

Emotional upset or ʻtriggersʼ enliven the cells of the body to act out this patterning, and we can often feel overtaken with emotion.

This response can significantly affect our sleep without us even knowing it!.

This patterning was awakened within you somewhere between birth and age 8.

As science has now proven, you have the ability to recode your genetic patterning, or ʻEmotional Blueprintʼ, and claim back your health, and in your lives.

Re-coding your Emotional Blueprint will lead you back to a state of peace, joy and tranquility and ability to have a restful sleep once again!

Book a complimentary meeting with me to find out more about your emotional blueprint and how to shift your patterns. Be free to live your life to the full!

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