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ADD, ADHD? Or Is Your Child Escaping Reality?

Recently I treated a 13 yr old boy, who has the inner wisdom of Ghandi.

His mother was concerned about his apparent lack of focus at school, and how his self-esteem was so significantly affected by his poor marks.

He was bullied and, having a genuine sense of caring for those kids who would be blamed, and he believed that he needed to accept the responsibility of fault in the schoolyard as well as at home.

In sessions, we discussed how he saw his inner warrior. He realised that when he felt weak or powerless, his inner warrior had retreated to the ‘head in the clouds’ place, and as a result, he was left with a feeling of defeat and surrender.

Finding the Inner Warrior

When I asked him to describe his warrior, his response left me speechless.

This is indeed a moment in my practice when I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how very much I love what I do!

This young sage went on to describe a Samurai warrior. He held a golden sword with a dragon etched into the blade.

He said that when he swung the sword that it moved in an empowering way, not a destructive way, and it was in the name of justice, courage and strength.

Ultimately he said it was in the name of Love.

When I suggested that this young man might call his warrior home, to be present, he lit up with the knowledge that that is what he needed to do.

As it is with so many kids I treat, I can see the pattern of the “head in the clouds” and lack of focus as being a result of not wanting to be ‘present’ here in reality.

A place to escape

Some kids have anxiety around performance, where others want for escape from the classroom due to lack of interest or boredom.

Through my work with these children, I can see that they often, literally, make a choice to leave their bodies and connect with their ‘head in the clouds’ place of retreat.

As a result, they may appear to be daydreaming or in a fog. This can cause a sense of not belonging for these kids and can lead to low self-esteem, a sense of guilt, shame and self-blame for their lack of achievement.

By making these kids aware of the importance of breathing and other tools I share with these kids I teach them that they can make a conscious choice to be fully present, as opposed to ‘checking out’ to the cloud zone.

They soon realise that in doing so their marks improve and they find a greater sense of well-being. Ultimately they gain a sense of feeling grounded and can see that being present is a very cool place to be!

One young man was very aware of his head in the clouds place and described a sense of flying out of his body. His parents had recently separated, causing a lot of stress at home,  so it was a happier place for him to be.

When he realised he could bring this fun cloud place here in the present moment, he was more in control of his emotions and his anger reduced, and his focus and performance at school improved dramatically.

Where children, young people, and even adults are showing signs of ADD or ADHD, I always recommend looking at reasons why they might be making that choice, conscious or sub conscious to simply not be here in the present.

Finding ourselves

I believe that we are on a new pathway and each step we take, each career we move into, every relationship, every experience leads us even deeper into the understanding of who we truly are!

The steps are the building blocks of the ‘now’, and the ‘now’ is where we begin to blossom into our unique selves!

Want to know more, or discuss whether you or your child are only ‘checking out’?

Book a free meet and greet with me today.


This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Now I would like to hear from you. Does your child have ADHD? What have you tried to help their symptoms? Let us know in the comments below.

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Transforming Insomnia into restful sleep

Transforming Insomnia into restful sleep

During our day we can be overwhelmed with stress, which will often trigger our kidneys and adrenal glands to be in a state called ʻfight or flightʼ.

This condition, often unbeknownst to us, can become silently chronic, leading to adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is becoming an epidemic in our society, and can impact all aspects of our lives, and, for many, it can trigger sleep issues or insomnia. You may find that you are restless and unable to fall asleep, with your mind racing, or that you fall asleep only to wake in the early hours, wide awake and unable to relax enough to go back to sleep.

So what can you do?

Valuable tools, such as breathing exercises, and visualisations can help you bring your kidneys and adrenal glands back to a state of balance. These are best done regularly and can also be used when you wake in the night or before bed.

Genetic patterns

Your ʻEmotional Blueprintʼ is the patterning of your emotional tendencies, which mirrors your family members and usually the significant people in your lives.

Emotional upset or ʻtriggersʼ enliven the cells of the body to act out this patterning, and we can often feel overtaken with emotion. This response can significantly affect our sleep without us even knowing it!. This patterning was awakened within you somewhere between birth and age 8.
As science has now proven, you have the ability to recode your genetic patterning, or ʻEmotional Blueprintʼ, and claim back your health, and in your lives. Re-coding your Emotional Blueprint will lead you back to a state of peace, joy and tranquility and ability to have a restful sleep once again!

Book a complimentary meeting with me to find out more about your emotional blueprint and how to shift your patterns. Be free to live your life to the full!

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Trapped Anxiety and Depression and your Body

Trapped Anxiety and Depression and your Body

Depression and anxiety are increasingly on the rise within our society.

In 2015, 8% of Canadians experienced depression, and 12% anxiety symptoms. Pharmaceutical companies are hard at work manufacturing mountains of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications to serve supply and demand for these disorders.

You might find yourself asking, is there another way?

My clinical experience

My area of clinical expertise is in the relationship between imbalanced emotions and our body. People come to me with themes of depression and anxiety disorders, looking for another way to deal with their problem.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Over 5000 years ago the ancient Chinese discovered how each of the vital organs of the body stores particular emotions.

For example, the Lungs hold sadness, despair and depression and the kidneys hold fear and anxiety. And God forbid if you find yourself in an adversity, like in a car accident or failure of any of such vital organs, expression of the most important emotions of yours could be at peril. Either way, none is immune to such adversities, and so, there exist doctors who specialise in a particular field. 

The posture of a person with depression will often include a closing of the chest, with rounded shoulders, and they will complain of neck and shoulder pain, and even pain that extends down the arms to the elbows and fingertips.

This posture will also compress the lungs. A person with depression frequently has a very shallow breath pattern, and can often suffer from lung conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc.

The Cycle of Creation

As illustrated in this chart, there is a cycle of creation between the organs, each one supporting another. The lungs help the kidneys, so if they are compromised emotionally, and the breath is shallow, this will cause stress to be passed onto the kidneys and accentuate anxiety symptoms.

Breath away your emotions

Learning how to breathe properly is one of the most effective ways of assisting anxiety and depression sufferers. Also, understanding that your emotions affect your body and seeking the deep-seated root of your anxiety and depression will pave the way for cellular memory to release these restrictive, sometimes paralysing, patterns.

Your emotional wellbeing can be effected by different stress situations like a car accident, for example. 

To understand more about your emotions, and their effect on your body, book a free meet and greet with Deborra.

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Emotional Blueprint: Claiming Back the Responsibility for Your Own Health

Emotional Blueprint: Claiming Back the Responsibility for Your Own Health

Discovering Your Emotional Blueprint

Our emotional well-being affects every aspect of our lives: our work, our relationships and our health. Science has now proven that the cells of your body store memory and your genes respond to the environment.

Each of us has negative emotions, beliefs and responses that are stored in the cellular memory of our bodies that can have a crippling effect on our ability to live a full and happy life. Ensuring that the body and mind are clean should be the number one priority of any person, as this is highly essential if one wishes to live a happy and healthy life without going through any form of strain or distress in their life. Our emotional patterns tie us to replays of responses such as fear, grief, depression, anger, guilt, shame, or hurt that can hold our loved ones and us emotionally hostage.

The Emotional Blueprint is a pattern of beliefs embedded within each person. By identifying and connecting with your Emotional Blueprint, and understanding the negative patterns that set you up for disappointment, distraction or discord with family, friends and work colleagues you can bring about a shift. It is possible to dissolve the negative patterns you have been storing in your body and break these cycles in your life.

How exciting to realise you can claim back the responsibility of your health by rewriting your genetic story!

The human body is the last to let go of the disabling emotional patterns we carry in our DNA, but the life-altering experience of your Emotional Blueprint journey can create new designs for an energetic and productive life!

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