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Sports performance – How Cupping Massage can help young athletes

So I’ve been getting a lot more inquiries about cupping treatments since the Olympics. It seems that Michael Phelps has really helped his sports performance put this effective form of treatment on the map!

Thanks, Michael!

It’s true, cupping can really work wonders. In my practice, as a registered massage therapist I use them a lot, especially with athletes and sports enthusiasts. The intense strength training and repetition that the athletic population participate in can quickly build up areas of thick fascia in the body.

While the marks that cups leave can be a little off-putting for some, more often than not the benefits far outweigh any sensitivity to the aesthetics of cupping. 4-7 days is the average amount of time it takes for cupping marks to disappear.

So how does this relate to young athletes and their sports performance?

As the school year is getting into full swing, a lot of students are starting try-outs and practices with their chosen athletic teams.

Aches and pains and injuries are going to happen, it is a natural consequence of pushing ourselves and our bodies. And while these physical challenges are a healthy part of life, it is just as important to take care of our bodies through this process, when an injury happens, and to help prevent injury.

What a lot of athletes don’t know is that stretching the fascia that surrounds and weaves through muscle tissue is going to help them achieve peak performance, just as much as strengthening the muscle itself.If our muscles can’t glide or move through their full range due to restrictions, then the body won’t be able to perform as well. Cupping can be a great option for areas that are difficult to stretch out, or for those of you who neglect the stretching part training (you know who you are !) And for the younger generation of athletes, keeping the body’s tissues open, will not only improve athletic performance, but it will help minimize the effects of thickening fascia on their still-growing bodies.

Taking advantage of the services of a massage therapist who also incorporates cupping into their sessions can double the amount of treatment that can be achieved in the allotted time.

The cups can remain static (leaving them in one place for a period of time), and the therapist can simultaneously use their hands to work other areas of the body.

Dynamic cupping (keeping the cups moving) can also be used which greatly reduces marking, yet effectively opens the fascia. This allows for much more effective treatment of the muscles underneath afterwards. And for those who really want the benefits of manual therapy, but are not comfortable with the hands-on of traditional Swedish massage, cupping is a great solution!

Book an appointment for yourself or your young athlete, and discover the amazing benefits of Cupping!

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