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Live Blood Cell Analysis - Ottawa Holistic Wellness

Live Blood Cell Analysis is when a single drop of blood is drawn from the tip of the finger of the client and immediately examined, on the cellular level, under a microscope, to determine imbalances and possible deficiencies within the body.

Blood that is still alive is fascinating at the cellular level.  Your healthy red blood cells float freely, spaced apart and round.  There will always be other particles as well and depending what they are and how prevalent it can be a sign of an imbalance.

What Does Live Blood Cell Analysis Show?

Some of the things that can be determined through Live Blood Cell Analysis are vitamin and mineral deficiencies, white blood cell activity (immunity), pH balance, toxicity, underlying imbalances or weaknesses, yeast, parasite or other fungi.

Live Blood Cell Analysis is an excellent tool for establishing areas of imbalance and risk factors for future illness.  It is also helpful when monitoring your progress as the results are visible and can often be very motivating.

How Does Live Blood Cell Analysis Work?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will have to sign a waiver.  

This appointment is a quick visit. You will then either use a small lancet to prick your finger or have your finger pricked by a naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist.

A drop of your blood will be placed on a microscope slide, and immediately examined.

You arrange to attend for a follow-up visit of 60 minutes where the analysis of your blood will be discussed. You will receive a report and images of what was seen under the microscope to help you understand the findings.

This report will include information on how the identified imbalances, infections and nutritional deficiencies can be addressed.

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