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Gamma Dynacare Blood Testing - Ottawa Holistic Wellness

Our Naturopathic Doctors can requisition a wide range of different blood tests from Gamma Dynacare.

They can assess allergies, your nutrition, the composition of your blood and detect early signs of many different diseases and health conditions.

Click here for a list of the tests we routinely requisition and the costs of these tests.

How Does It Work?

You come for a consult with one of our Naturopathic Doctors. They will complete a comprehensive health history and assessment of your current health status. This allows them to determine which tests would be beneficial and they then requisition the test.

You pay for the testing at our clinic and take your requisition to a local Gamma Dynacare facility where the blood will be drawn and sent for testing.

The nearest blood collection facility to our clinic is at Kent and James St.


These are sent to your Naturopathic Doctor, usually within a couple of weeks of your blood draw. Once they are received we will call you to arrange a follow up visit with the Naturopathic Doctor where you can discuss these results and how to proceed.