Enabling you and your family to heal in mind, body & spirit

Due to the economic effects of COVID, Ottawa Holistic Wellness ceased operations on April 2020.

Reiki Training services can now be found at Complete Wellbeing.


We are now offering Reiki Master training.

These workshops are designed to bring out your gifts as a healer. While Reiki is a powerful healing tool to help others, one of Reiki’s most beautiful gifts is unearthing one’s personal healing gifts.

The intention of these workshops is to build your confidence as a healer, not to just offer you attunements and healing tools.


Please check our events page for dates.

About the Reiki Training

There are four levels in total to reach Reiki Master.

Level One

Total Hours 11

Cost: $240.00 plus tax

Requirements: None, just a desire to discover more about Reiki.


  • History of Reiki and healing with hands
  • Identifying your gifts as a healer
  • Self-care for healers
  • Healing meditation
  • Healing song
  • Movements to boost healing energy
  • Different methods of laying on hands
  • Healing auras
  • Practice

Level Two

Total Hours 11

Cost: $240.00 plus tax

Requirements: To have completed Level 1 with Abrah at least once


  • Reiki symbols, what are they and how they work
  • Healing meditation
  • Self-care for healers
  • Reading the energy of the body’s organs
  • Anatomy of the energy body
  • Exploring healing journeys
  • Understanding your guides
  • Discovering your power animal
  • Practice

Level Three

Total Hours 11

Cost: $240.00 plus tax

Requirements: To have completed Level 2 with Abrah at least once


  • Reiki symbols
  • Healing Meditation
  • Self-care for healers
  • Healing with planetary energies
  • Soul Retrieval and past lives
  • Honouring your ancestors
  • Practice

Master Level

Cost: $350.00

Requirements: To have completed Level 3 with Abrah at least once

Three individual 2-hour sessions designed to support your particular gifts as a healer.

Practical - You will complete three healing sessions and produce a written report on each session.

Your Ottawa Reiki Master Teacher: Abrah

Abrah received her Reiki Masters in 1995 in the Usni Tradition and has been practicing energy healing ever since. During the same period, Abrah spent her summers studying with a Sami Shaman to deepen her knowledge and feel with energy medicine.

In addition, Abrah has been practicing meditation for the past 30 years, mostly within the Tibetan Buddhist system. She has also attended several prolonged retreats exploring meditation and healing energies, including a year long retreat in the Yukon Wilderness.

In 2007, after studying herbal medicine for five years, Abrah became a Clinical Herbal Therapist.

Since then, Abrah has used energy work, meditation and herbal medicine to support people in their healing. Throughout this time, Abrah has shared her knowledge of herbal medicine by teaching and writing books. Some of her apprentices are now practicing herbalists.

An important part of Abrah’s journey as a healer has been discovering tools from different healing traditions. For this reason, during these workshops, Abrah offers techniques outside of the Reiki tradition to help you enhance your gifts.

It’s time to open our hearts and minds to all the healing gifts offered.

It’s time to let your light shine!