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What is Osteopathic Massage

Osteopathic massage is a treatment approach combining muscle, joint and tendon work, in order to decrease muscle tension and restore joint mobility.

Originally named Osteopathic General Treatment, it has evolved to give shape to a new approach to massage.

Benefits of Osteopathic Massage

Osteopathic massage can be used for:

  • muscular tension

  • mobility of joints

  • relaxation

  • feeling of heavy legs

  • sore back

  • sore neck

  • stiff shoulders

  • prevention of injury and maintenance of health

  • and so much more

What to expect?

This is a hands-on session with an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.

Depending on your individual needs, the practitioner will focus on the whole body, the upper body and back, or the lower body including the pelvis.

In order to provide the most effective treatment the practitioner may request that you change down to your underwear for the session. You will be covered appropriately with a sheet and blanket where necessary.

If you are not comfortable with this it is possible to work with loose comfortable clothing.

How Often Should I come

The majority of people will benefit from a treatment every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. However, if you have an acute condition, or a more long term condition such as chronic pain then you may wish to come as often as weekly.

For those with a physically demanding job, or who are active in sports, it would be beneficial to have more frequent treatments for maintenance and optimization. In addition, a treatment prior to a sporting event can help optimize your performance, and a treatment after can assist with your recovery.

Your practitioner will discuss this with you.

Is it for everyone?

Anybody can attend to an osteopathic massage unless you are sick, have a fever, inflammation, cancer or some specific disease (such as haemophilia). If you are not sure if this treatment is for you please book a free discovery with Florian to discuss your personal health issues.

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