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Natural Allergy Testing Ottawa Holistic Wellness

This testing is safe, painless and non-invasive. It can be used for newborns through to seniors. We have also tested cats, dogs and horses.

Muscle Response Testing also known as Autonomic Response Testing or Applied Kinesiology, uses the body’s responses to determine allergies and much more.

A strong muscle is found, usually, an arm and your response to the various allergens contained is determined. In the case of small children, people with joint issues, those who are very sore or the elderly and infirm we test through another adult. This is known as surrogate testing.

We test Foods, Environmental Allergens (dust, moulds, perfumes, pollens, pets etc), Electro-magnetic Frequencies and even Weather Patterns. We have over 300 allergen vials available for testing and will test those that are relevant to you. You can also bring any suspect items, nutritional supplements, herbs or medications and we can test them.

How Does It Work?

There are 2 options when you attend for an allergy test with one of our Natural Allergy Therapists.

Method 1

We can simply test for a wide range of substances and provide you with a list of those to which you are sensitive. This list may consist of 20 or more allergens.

Method 2

The method preferred by us and the majority of our clients is to assess your allergens in relation to your health concerns and symptoms.

We can determine the main triggers for those health concerns and symptoms, considering allergies, sensitivities, toxins, intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, parasites/infections, emotional issues and structural imbalances.

This provides you with relevant information that removes the guess work as to what to avoid and can improve your life in the short and long term.


You receive the results at the end of the consultation.

In the case of Method 1, a guide book is provided with a list of the allergens that came up, and some general recommendations as to which you need to avoid.

If you chose Method 2, the guide book will provide a list of your symptoms and health concerns and their main triggers.

We also provide information on allergy treatments to desensitise you, which food and environmental allergens to avoid, any lifestyle changes, nutritional support needed, how to address any parasite or infection detected and structural or emotional treatments that would be beneficial.

We find this method to provide more practical information than Method 1, giving you the tools to implement some simple changes and feel better.

More information on Natural Allergy Treatment can be found here. 

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