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Our Ottawa Lunch and Learn team have put together several lunch and learn talks and workshops that can be offered in the workplace, to private groups or in your home to a group of friends.

They can take place at lunchtime, in the evening or even on weekends.

We understand the importance of empowering our clients on how to become healthier, happier, more productive individuals in all areas of their lives.

Our many topics available for your lunch and learn include stress reduction, pain prevention and management, posture, the ability to sit and move well, ergonomics, healthy digestion, fertility, nutrition and many more.

All our talks can be tailored to you and your group. If you do not see what you want, please do get in touch as we can customize what we offer.

Why choose our Ottawa Lunch and Learn team for Talks and Workshops?

We have a diverse team of experienced, passionate health practitioners. They believe in the power of knowledge when making individual health choices.

All of our practitioners are not merely presenters; they are actively involved in private practice with clients and, as such, bring relevant, up to date experience of the daily challenges facing every one of us.

Lunch and Learn options

You can choose from a wide selection of lunch and learn topics. Click HERE for full details of our current titles.

If you do not see what you want, please ask, we can produce a talk or workshops specific to your needs.

The workshops and talks range from 30-90minutes in length, or consist of a series of events.

They are designed to be educational, engaging and interactive, and there will always be the opportunity to ask questions.

Choose your topics

Aim to improve employee participation and interest by avoiding work-related lunch and learn topics and select those that will enrich their lives as a whole.

    • Consider asking your employees/group members what interests them and which health topics they would like to know more about.
    • Decide whether to offer a series of lunch and learn events or just one.
    • Contact us, and we can discuss your requirements.

For more information on our Lunch and Learn workshop and talk topics please contact us on 613-230-0998 or email info@ottawaholisticwellness.ca.


These will vary depending on your location, the length of the lunch and learn and various other factors.

Our goal is to make these invaluable educational events available to all, so contact us, and we can discuss your needs.

Lunch and Learn Topics

All options are 1hr unless otherwise specified.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can prepare a talk specific to your needs.

Lunch & Learn With Richard Hudspith, Clinical Somatic Therapist & Yoga Teacher:

The Myth of Aging

A discussion about how aging is a myth and the ways you can slow down and reverse the typical signs and symptoms of aging. We’ll use examples from everyday life that can be shown to be false in regard to aging and what it means. There will be some Somatic exercises shown that people can use to help demonstrate the myth of aging.

Cost: $80

Posture and Alignment

This discussion will show how to improve your posture and alignment, particularly if you sit for a living. We’ll demonstrate the proper alignment for standing and sitting and show how specific muscle groups are impaired when sitting or standing in a dysfunctional way. Somatic exercises will be taught to help participants learn how to improve their posture and alignment.

Cost: $100

Back Pain

Back pain is as common as the everyday cold. Are there any ways to help reduce back pain and why is it so prevalent? We’ll examine the issue of back pain and show techniques to relax and lengthen the back muscles.

Cost: $80

A Good Night Sleep

A talk about techniques and methods for getting a restful and sound night of sleep. We’ll look at sleeping positions, your sleep environment and teach Somatic exercises to help people relax their bodies and mind.

Cost: $75