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emotional blueprint coaching ottawa

Do you hear yourself repeating...

"why can't I shake this emotion"
"why does it return over and over again"
"I want to break this paralysing pattern "
"Why can't I find love?"
"Why can't I shake this weight?"

Find answers, Resolve the underlying issues.

We all have deeply held emotional memories that affect our perception of love and the world.

Emotional blueprint coaching is a journey of self-discovery to examine your most disabling belief patterns around how you view love. You will become clear on the meaning of the word in your life and about your belief system, and to move gently into a life-changing process that dissolves the belief program from your cellular memory. This process will free you and your loved ones from the disabling patterns that have held you back for so long.

To assist you with this Deborra Cameron uses her reflexology skills to gather information on your emotional blockages and uses the Emotional Blueprint Coaching to work with you to resolve those issues and bring about real deep healing.

Deborra has 20 years of clinical and teaching experience which has brought about the understanding of how we tore emotions in the cellular memory of the body. You will connect with your emotional belief pattern, which we associate throughout the family timeline (or family blueprint). She will assist you to dissolve the belief system, thus break the cycle of the pattern within yourself and in other family members associated with the crippling pattern.

"The human body is indeed the last to let go of the patterns that we carry through our DNA and ultimately life experiences". Deborra Cameron

Emotional Blueprint Coaching and ADD & ADHD in Children & Teens

By combining Emotional Blueprint Coaching, Reflexology and Qi Gong, Deborra has found that the treatments help calm these exceptional young people. She teaches them valuable techniques to help them with better focus and higher self-esteem. Her approach has produced excellent results in these gifted young children/teenagers who exhibit traits of ADD and ADHD.

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