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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation or colonic is a safe, effective way of cleansing the colon from wastes using repeated and gentle water flushing. It is similar to an enema; however, it brings increased health benefits by addressing the whole colon, not just the last part of your colon, the rectum.

It will address several different types of waste in the colon, including impacted faecal matter, dead cells, mucus, parasites or worms.

The toxins released by these substances are absorbed by the body. They can make you tired and affect the colon function in general, leading to impaired bowel habits.

One good colonic brings the equivalent clearing of wastes from the colon as having 20-30 regular bowel movements.

Following the colonic, it will take some time for faecal matter and other wastes to build up again.

Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

Ideally, only a light diet and excess water are consumed in the 2 hours prior to the colonic. For the 24hours following the colonic, it is beneficial to eat foods that are rich in fibre and to avoid beef, dairy and cheese. This makes digestion and waste excretion easier for the body.

The colonic session starts with gentle abdominal massage.

A lubricated speculum is inserted gently in the rectum. This is attached to a water line in one part and waste in the other part. Warm, filtered water is allowed to flow into the colon and to flush it out.

The session takes between 30 and 45minutes at the end of which the rectal tube is gently withdrawn and you release any remaining water and waste in the washroom.

It is very rare to experience any pain or discomfort during a session, and it would mostly be due to resistance or tension during the rectal insertion.

After a Colonic

Most people find that they feel lighter and have a greater sense of wellbeing following the session. It is possible to have frequent bowel movements within the few hours following the session. Usually, there is no urgency or discomfort. Occasionally people feel lightheaded or chilled for a short time at the end of the session.

Results Following a Colon Hydrotherapy Session

The main goal of Colon Hydrotherapy is for the client to reach a proper function of the colon.

The first colonic session will remove some of the waste in the colon. Further sessions are usually indicated to cleanse the colon.

This is a natural process and is not hazardous in any way. However, due to the elimination of toxins, it is possible to feel light headed or chilled for a short time at the end of the session.

In the case that the bowel movements do not improve or become more normal after a colonic, this is usually an indication that further sessions are required in order to remove the toxins and debris that have built up over previous years.

When to Get a Colonic

Everyone can benefit from a colonic, however, Colon Hydrotherapy is never performed in pregnancy, active ulcerative colitis or where there has been recent colon surgery.


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