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Reiki and Energy Healing for Anxiety and Depression

2 Ways Reiki and Energy Healing May Help Your Anxiety and Depression

We are all familiar with Western Medical methods for dealing with anxiety and depression.

The standard medical approach is usually pharmaceutical medications, possibly combined with psychotherapy, counselling and other behavioural therapies depending on what sort of anxiety you have.

Initially, medications may be essential as a means of support, enabling you to get everything under control and to manage your symptoms, however, it is never ideal to be on medication long term.

I always encourage my clients to consider the reasons for their anxiety and depression and how natural approaches can help resolve these issues.

So how can Reiki and Energy Healing Help?

Trapped Emotions

One way to look at anxiety and depression is to consider trapped emotions in the body. Perhaps you experienced traumatic or stressful events during your life, or you hold ‘genetic memories’ of events that your parents, grandparents, etc. experienced, or you may believe that our soul comes through some lives and carries memories from those past lives.

Whatever your beliefs, and wherever those trapped emotions originate, they will impact your life here and now. Reiki and Energy Healing assesses the feelings you hold and works to release them.

In my job, it does not matter where those emotions came from, only that you carry them now, in the present, and we will work to release them from your body’s memory gently.

Energy Imbalance

Another way to look at anxiety and depression is through the Chinese Medicine approach to energy in the body.

Chinese Medicine works with meridians/energy lines within our body. Each meridian is related to a particular organ and will be associated with certain emotions; e.g., the Lung and Large Intestine hold sadness, grief, loneliness, loss; the Kidney contains fear, anxiety, shock, trauma.

Any imbalance in your energy can trigger the appropriate emotions for that meridian.

Joanne’s story

Joanne had been through a lot when she came to me.

Her parents broke up when she was five years old. Her mother did remarry to a man who did not like the expression of emotion.

When she was 12 years old, her 14-year-old brother died in a skating accident. They were not allowed to show any grief, and her stepfather forbade the mention of his name in the house. They were to forget that he had existed simply.

She came to me at 21 years old with depression and anxiety. She said she often felt like crying at some insignificant trigger but was unable actually to cry, and she had a persistent feeling of dread, expecting something bad to happen at any moment.

She also complained that she frequently had laryngitis (lost her voice) which could last for a couple of weeks at a time and that any time she had a cold, it would ‘go to her chest’ and be hard to shift.

I found that she held all that grief and sadness in her lungs. A feeling of heaviness and weight on her chest. She was also completely blocked energetically in her throat, an indication of her repressing her emotions and her inability to express herself, speak and out and be heard.

Over the course of several sessions, we worked to open her throat and bring a sense of safety and acceptance to the expression of emotions.

During the 4th session she began to cry, a huge step forward. She finally felt able to express all that sadness and loss that she had held for so long.

As we continued to work together, she found that her chest gradually felt lighter and she no longer had that sense of doom. Her chest infections and laryngitis became less frequent and ceased altogether.

She was more able to express herself in all ways, not just to cry and she felt so much lighter in her general mood and outlook.

Do you hold trapped emotions? Whether big or small? Reiki and Energy Healing can help!

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  1. I suffer from anxiety & I really don’t know where it came from all I know is that I’ve been feeling like this for almost a year and it’s negative thoughts that I’ve been battling with. I’m currently going to counseling. It has helped me but I still get anxiety.

    1. Comment from Sue Taylor, Energy Healer and Reiki practitioner at Ottawa Holistic Wellness:
      Hello Yanet.
      This is not unusual. Counselling is very valuable, it helps us to understand the emotions involved, if not always the source, it assists us to function in every day life, and to deal with the emotions by developing coping strategies.
      However, it is not always successful in releasing those emotions from the body, so they are still there and will continue to affect us.
      I have met many people who have had extensive counselling and are still battling with the emotions affecting them. These emotions can be the result of traumas in our own lives, or passed down to us from past generations (genetic memories).
      I suggest you consider a reiki or energy healing, or emotional blueprint session, all of which work to release those trapped emotions from your body. It does not matter where they came from, the sessions will work with what you are carrying.
      I am also available for a free Discovery session should you want to find out more. Call us to book or use the online scheduler.

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