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Michele Berthiaume - Ottawa Holistic Wellness - Centretown

Michele’s Approach

As a Nurse Practitioner, Michele Berthiaume combines both the holistic approach of nursing and the expertise of medical training to offer comprehensive primary care to clients.

She believes that the best way to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness is to empower them to become active participants and advocates for their own health.

This means working with clients to identify key challenges that they face and to explore sustainable solutions that will help them optimize their health.


English and French


Clinical experience and training

Michele Berthiaume started her nursing career in the intensive care unit as she had a deep desire to have a big impact in people’s lives.

She quickly realized that a lot of these patients with life-threatening conditions suffered from long standing health problems that had not been efficiently managed. She also had a desire to gain more independence as she started to develop her own ideas about the best way to help people become and stay healthy.

She furthered her studies to become a Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner. This has allowed her to gain autonomy and to work with individuals before they get to the critical point in their illness.

She worked for 9 months as an Attending Nurse Practitioner in a Long Term Care home until she, again, found herself wanting to offer much more to help individuals and society as a whole in achieving optimal health.

She took some time away from work to reflect, and in 2019 decided to join Ottawa Holistic Wellness. This setting allows her to take more time to meet with clients to ensure that they can feel comfortable and supported when exploring their health concerns.


Who is Michele Berthiaume outside of Work

Michèle’s passion for health and wellness is something that she embodies as much in her personal life as in her professional life.

She enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking and exploring new cuisines, dancing, weight-lifting, meditating and practicing yoga.

She also likes to travel, and strives to maintain a life-work balance that allows her to grow both professionally and personally, while still having time and energy to take care of herself. She is very passionate about mental health and shares a lot about her own journey on social media and on her personal blog.

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