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Due to the economic effects of COVID, Ottawa Holistic Wellness ceased operations in April 2020.

Matthew David Saleh can now be found at Complete Wellbeing.

Matthew David Saleh - Registered Massage Therapist

Matthew’s approach

Matthew has been studying body mechanics and healing for 15+ years; striving to continuously learn in all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. 

His own experience of overcoming personal injuries throughout his career in soccer and martial arts has given him a unique perspective on how the body heals. This has taught him what he can do to connect with you and help you on your healing journey.

He combines different disciplines including Acupressure, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

(PNF stretching), and Myo-fascial Release. This will free fascia restrictions and therefore restore movement and relieve pain on a full body level.

He is also proficient in Swedish massage, various relaxation techniques and Shiatsu massage.



Education and experience

Matthew graduated from a 2318 hour program from the International School of Massage Therapy

In addition, he has training in Shiatsu massage and has completed levels 1 and 2 in Fascial Restructuring Therapy.

He is a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO and a member of l'Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec. (AMQ)

More About Fascial Restructuring Therapy

Fascial Restructuring Therapy is a direct, sequential, systematic approach to fascial therapy, relying on several foundational principles that facilitate the proper and effective release of adhesion at every level in the human body - myofascial (muscular), neural/dural (nerve), periosteal (bone), visceral/stromal (organ) and articular (joint) Adhesion will often form within and between any of these tissues from a number of causes, and in such cases, must be released in order to provide effective, lasting results.  Fascial Restructuring(TM) is unquestionably a very deep form of fascial therapy, however, by design it is much less painful than most other therapies that target adhesion. By targeting other structures in the body, the stage is set for healing to occur at a much deeper level.

Matthew David Saleh Outside Of Work

Matthew enjoys the outdoors and being active. He enjoys playing various summer and winter sports such as soccer, football, hockey, baseball, cross country and downhill skiing and spending time in nature exploring the world.

He is looking forward to sharing his life’s passion with you!