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Justine Gapihan - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner - Ottawa Holistic Wellness - Cropped

Justine will no longer be working at the clinic from August 24th 2018.

Justine's Approach

Justine, osteopathic manual practitioner, enjoys working with a diverse range of clients and in particular those that are invested in their health. She takes pleasure in guiding her clients back to fully enjoying their life.


English and French.

Why osteopathy?

Justine’s interest in osteopathy started early. As a child, her parents took advantage of osteopathic treatments when needed. She felt the benefits of osteopathy and it gave her the wish to become an osteopath too.

Experience and Education

Justine, osteopathic manual practitioner, studied osteopathy in France and worked in private practice there before relocating to Canada in 2016.

She has studied many techniques including structural, muscle energy, functional, fascial, craniosacral therapy and Jones counter strain techniques.

For her dissertation at osteopathic school, she chose to research and write about the benefits of collaboration between osteopath and orthodontist for children who have a deficit in the growth of the upper maxillary bone.

She has worked in radiology, in a hospital setting and osteopathic practices.

Justine's practical experience with clients ranges from babies to the elderly, people with physical disabilities and athletes. She also has experience working in the workplace offering workshops in movement and posture.

She has a keen interest in sports, and this led to her working part time with another osteopath taking care of basketball players.

A period working with an osteopath specialising in paediatrics allowed her a better understanding of the care of children in osteopathy, and the real role of the osteopath when working with general practitioners.

These diverse experiences have allowed her to enrich her training and to develop her skills as an osteopath.

Other interests

Outside of her work, Justine loves sport, especially running. She considers sport to be her therapy.

Travel and visiting new countries with their diverse cultures has always inspired Justine and she has spent time in China, Maghreb, Europe and Canada.

She found herself falling in love with Canada - its hospitality, open-mindedness, way of life, diversity of landscapes and even the weather.

She likes to spend time with family and friends, hiking, doing sport, cooking and sharing good food.

She is excited about moving to Ottawa and, in particular, the opportunity to work in collaboration with a diverse group of health professionals. She sees it as a chance to continue to learn and to make a difference to her patients' health.

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