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Deborra Cameron - Emotional Blueprint Coach - Ottawa Holistic Wellness

Deborra's Approach

Deborra Cameron, Emotional Blueprint Coach, is intuitive, insightful, and invested in the people she has helped overcome the roadblocks to a better life!

She believes the body is the last to let go of emotional patterns that have been with us since birth. Science is now recognising that memories can be passed down through generations in our genes. For 20 years she has felt that leading causes of pain and disease are the unbalanced emotions that often lie dormant within the cellular memory of the human organs, bodily systems and tissue.

Deborra's unique sessions combine both her gift of heightened intuition, her 20 years of clinical reflexology, and her internationally acclaimed program, 'Emotional Blueprint'.



Education and Experience

In 1993, following a 15-year career in nursing, Deborra Cameron, Emotional Blueprint Practitioner, began to explore the phenomena of 'energy' and its relationship to the human body.

Achieving her reflexology certification two years later, Deborra discovered a compelling link between the soles of the feet and the soul of her clients. Thus her Sole to Soul Holistics business was born in 1996.

Through her Intuitive Reflexology sessions, Deborra Cameron was detecting that negative emotions were directly related to the illnesses and health issues she was treating with reflexology. Sensing something was still missing, she found the next piece when she began her study and practice of Qi Gong, the ancient Chinese system that teaches we store specific emotions in individual organs of the body.

With several of the puzzle pieces now in place, Deborra then developed, 'Emotional Blueprint' in conjunction with her Intuitive reflexology sessions. Emotional Blueprint is a unique way to help people deal with physical pain and the unbalanced emotions affecting their health, careers, relationships and life.

Deborra's successful Sole to Soul Holistics business has been providing this useful service for over 18 years.

She says "My work has been an inner journey of not only self-discovery but also the creation of my program 'Emotional Blueprint' over the past 20 years of my life."

More recently, Deborra has introduced the Gene Key Sessions as part of her treatment Menu.

One thing is for sure, we are on an exciting pathway, and each step we take, each career we move into, every relationship, every experience leads us even deeper into the understanding of who we are! The levels are the building blocks of the 'now', and the 'now' is where we begin to blossom into our unique selves!

I have been seeking a method of mapping a personal, Emotional Blueprint DNA patterning for some time. I have felt that this has been a missing link, to assist better people on their journey of understanding more deeply their distinctive patterning of their prosperity, relationships and purpose.

I am a great believer in our ability to heal ourselves, and that we have the potential to shift the memories in our DNA, through our thoughts, actions and deeds within our lives.

Deborra Cameron in the Community

Deborra, also a gifted international speaker, teacher and counsellor and has been changing the lives of people everywhere with her Emotional Blueprint Program. Her practical, proven system for success is helping individuals and couples achieve the healthy and productive state of mind, body and spirit they deserve.

As a Workplace Wellness consultant and speaker, she is transforming overwhelmed organisations into positive, productive environments in which to work and succeed.

Deborra is passionate about helping you become more energetic, active, and productive in your professional and home life! She is intuitive, insightful, and invested in the people she has helped overcome the roadblocks to a better life!

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