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Abrah's Approach

Over the ten-year period of practising as a Clinical Herbalist, Abrah Arneson has learned to listen first and offer recommendations second. When we are heard and understood by someone concerned for our wellbeing, the possibility of wellness opens naturally.

Abrah offers recommendations particular to each individuals’ needs after listening intensely to her clients’ concerns.

Why Plant Medicine?

Plant medicine has provided the foundation of medicine all over the world since before language was written. Even today 74% of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants and 18% is developed from fungi.

When used conscientiously, plant medicine is sustainable, supports the environment, is economical and good for the human body and mind. When practised holistically there are rarely side effects with the use of plant medicine.

While plant medicine can be used to treat symptoms, it also can deeply penetrate the body and mind to renew our experience of wellness: balance, optimism, energy, compassion.

Abrah uses traditional preparations of plant medicine primarily from North America and also from Europe and occasionally Asia. To ensure the sustainability, effectiveness and quality of her medicine, Abrah personally prepares most of the herbs she offers.

Abrah’s Methods

An initial consultation with Abrah Arneson is approximately 90 minutes. During this time, she thoroughly explores your health concerns including your past medical history, family health, lifestyle choices, diet, stress levels and emotional well-being.

Further Abrah will carry out a physical exam that is appropriate to your health concerns and comfort. This exam includes blood pressure, Iridology assessment, pulse and tongue analysis. In this manner, Abrah develops an overview of your well-being and health concern.

In this manner, Abrah forms an overview of your well-being and health concern.

Following your initial appointment, Abrah will create a health protocol for you that includes a recommendation for plant medicine, nutritional advice, perhaps meditation or relaxation exercises and guidance for lifestyle changes specific to your health needs.




Abrah’s journey began with a life-threatening illness that found her on life support for six weeks in an intensive care unit. This experience was her first step in her education towards holistic plant-based medicine.

She has lived in a meditation retreat centre for eight years studying the relationship between the body, mind and the environment (which includes water, air, forests, gardens and other people). She is a graduate of the Dominion Herbal College four-year Clinical Herbal Therapist Diploma Program in Burnaby, BC.

Abrah has additional training in iridology; Bach Flower Essences is a Reiki Master and author of The Herbal Apprentice: Plant Medicine and the Human Being. She has taught plant medicine at Olds College in Olds, Alberta and has trained 10 Master Herbalist through a three-year apprentice program.

Also, Abrah has spent seven years working in palliative care and is a doula (birthing assistant).

Abrah Arneson outside of work

With her husband, Abrah Arneson loves to travel off the beaten track. She is a writer and poet. Abrah teaches meditation, likes to grow plants, friendships and drink nature's beauty deeply.

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