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Due to the economic effects of COVID, Ottawa Holistic Wellness ceased operations in April 2020.

Abrah Arneson can now be found at Complete Wellbeing.

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Abrah's Approach To Energy Healing and Herbal Medicine

Energy Healing

Experience has shown Abrah each individual has the power to heal within themselves. Her goal of each energy healing treatment she offers is to help you connect with the healing wisdom you carry.

She likes to say,

"When you get off the table, you will have more tools to listen deeply to your body, mind and soul."

Herbal Medicine

Abrah brings a heart-centred approach to herbal medicine work.

She uses a combination of talk, touch and herbal therapy to offer a holistic approach to healing.

With multiple modalities available to her, Abrah provides the breadth and depth of her experience and knowledge to her clients in a co-creative and caring atmosphere.

Education and Experience As An Energy Healer and Clinical Herbalist

Energy Healer

Abrah is both an Energy Healer and a Teacher.

Abrah received her Reiki Masters in 1995 in the Usui Tradition. Over the same period, Abrah spent her summers studying with Sami Shaman. Ailo Gaup. 

For the past 30 years, Abrah has been practising meditation, mostly within the Tibetan Buddhist system.

Abrah has made several prolonged retreats exploring meditation and healing energies, including a year-long retreat in the Yukon Wilderness.

Each of these traditional forms of healing, Abrah, brings to an energy healing session. 

During her time learning shamanistic healing, she learned healing songs. Abrah often sings these songs during an energy healing treatment. 

The healing songs call back parts of our souls lost through trauma. 

It also helps us connect with ancestors both to heal intergenerational trauma and gather gifts they give us. 

Her time in deep meditation has taught Abrah many techniques to compassionately listen to troubling emotions and allow them to release in a gentle, safe way. 

She is keenly interested in teaching people how to find a new path to understanding challenging emotions.

Clinical Herbalist

Abrah is a Clinical Herbal Therapist and a Register Herbalist with The Ontario Herbalist Association.

Abrah's journey began with a life-threatening illness that found her in intensive care on life support for six weeks. This experience was her first step in her education towards holistic healing.

Abrah is a graduate of Dominion Herbal Colleges four-year Clinical Herbal Therapist program. This program is a science-based education on using herbal medicine to support the diverse health challenges. 

At the same time as her training as a Clinical Herbalist, Abrah lived in a meditation retreat centre for eight years studying the relationship between the body, mind and the environment (which includes water, air, forests, gardens and other people). 

During this time, she studied with a Sami Shaman who introduced to her ancient healing techniques that include plant spirit medicine and journeying. 

Abrah has additional training in iridology, Bach Flower Essences and is a Reiki Master. 

Abrah is the author of The Herbal Apprentice: Plant Medicine and the Human Being and The Herbal Apprentice Workbook

She has taught plant medicine at Olds College in Olds, Alberta and lead workshops and retreats on herbal medicine across Canada and internationally. 

She currently teaches a three-year apprentice herbal program. 

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

Abrah has participated in intensive training in using the Buhner Protocol to support the healing of Lyme Disease and its co-infections. Her approach to this complex health challenge is holistic and focuses on each individual's needs as opposed to set program focused only on the disease. 

Cancer and Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has much to offer individuals diagnosed with cancer. Abrah has trained with the herbalist, Chanchal Cabrera, who specialises in herbal medicine and cancer and lives on Vancouver Island. 

Abrah has experience in supporting individuals with a cancer diagnosis, including helping those who refuse orthodox treatment as well as those who need support with side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 

Abrah is also able to offer herbs to assist individuals recovering from their health after cancer treatment. 

Women's Health

Herbal medicine has a natural affinity to support women in overcoming health challenges caused by hormonal imbalances. 

She has helped women overcome endometriosis, fibroids, fertility challenges and irregular periods.

Working within the Traditional Medical System

Abrah has spent seven years working in palliative care and is a doula (birthing assistant). 

Through this experience, Abrah gained a deep appreciation of the value of our conventional medical system as well as its limitations. 

Why Plant Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the original medicine of all peoples of this Earth. It is a traditional medicine that contains within it the voice of our ancestors – reminding us who we are and where we come from. 

Herbs offer us systems of medicine that can be as complex or as simple as needed to reflect the needs of the person using them. 

Plants contain within them an ancient knowing, a resonance of home. Just as the Earth provides us with everything we need for food and shelter, we are provided with the medicine of plants to heal.

Social mores or technology have not altered plants. 

They heal our flesh and teach our souls how to be our highest potential because they have never wandered outside the natural laws. 

Plants provide us with a path back to our highest health of body, mind and spirit. 

They have adapted to the same conditions that we have, and their adaptive strategies are familiar to our flesh so that the healing they offer us is deep, multi-layered and lasting.

When the herbs flow through our veins, we instantly become connected to an ancient way of knowing, connection and belonging. We are reminded of our place on this Earth and in this universe. Our illusion of separateness becomes less opaque, and while our minds may miss the subtle shift, our cells vibrate with the joy of coming home. Herbs are the medicine that we were born into, and it is the medicine that will sustain us. It is our birthright, and it is ours.

There is strong scientific evidence to support the use of plant medicine to over-come chronic illness. 

What To Expect 

Energy Healing

Five ways you will benefit from Energy Healing treatment with Abrah

  • With an open-hearted approach, Abrah shows you new ways of understanding complicated relationships and compassionate pathways to healing them.
  • Using energy healing, Abrah will help support you as you transition through difficult health challenges and understand their root causes. 
  • During an energy healing session, Abrah does not just focus on your problems; she also guides you to a deeper understanding of the healing energy you carry within. 
  • Abrah frequently gives homework during energy healing; it may include meditative or energy healing techniques. This homework will help you deepen the healing on your own. 
  • After a treatment, you will feel clearer, calmer and have a fresh outlook.

If need be, Abrah can also recommend herbal medicine to support you, including Flower Essences and Plant Spirit Medicine.

Teaching Energy Healing

Abrah offers weekend and evening classes in energy healing. 

During these classes, she gives one of three levels of attunement in Reiki, Level One, Two and Master. 

You will also have the opportunity to learn the anatomy of the energy body, self-care meditations and many other healing techniques. 

For more information about classes, please contact Abrah through the Ottawa Holistic Wellness reception.

Herbal Medicine

Over the twelve years of practising as a Clinical Herbalist, Abrah Arneson has learned to listen first and offer recommendations second. When we are heard and understood by someone concerned for our wellbeing, the possibility of wellness opens naturally.

An initial consultation with Abrah Arneson is approximately 90 minutes. 

During this time, she thoroughly explores your health concerns, including your past medical history, family health, lifestyle choices, diet, stress levels and emotional wellbeing.

Towards the end of the consultation, Abrah will carry out a physical exam that is appropriate to your health concerns and comfort. 

This exam includes blood pressure, Iridology assessment, pulse and tongue analysis. 

Abrah will spend time reading your energy body to help you understand the underlying causes of your illness. In this manner, Abrah develops an overview of your wellbeing and health concerns.

Following your initial appointment, Abrah creates a health protocol for you that includes a recommendation for plant medicine, nutritional advice, perhaps meditation or relaxation exercises and guidance for lifestyle changes specific to your health needs.

Because Abrah makes and formulates her own herbal formulas, this makes the medicine both personalized and cost-effective.



Abrah Arneson outside of work

With her husband, Abrah Arneson loves to travel off the beaten track. She is a writer and poet. Abrah teaches meditation, nurtures a botanical sanctuary under the auspicious of The United Plant Savers, and drink nature's beauty deeply.

What Others Say Abrah's work as a herbalist.

Abrah, Thank you for all you do for us. No words can be expressed for our gratitude. You are inspiring.

  • N.S.

Abrah is the kind of patient, empathetic and intuitive practitioner that we all need (and deserve). She takes the time she needs to understand the holistic situation that brought you to see her so she can provide just the right herbs or treatment that you need. She is compassionate, funny and very down-to-earth in her approach to healing and life. I can't say enough great things about my experience with her!

  • Tera Winters – Ottawa Ontario

Abrah has been my lifesaver in my treatment of Lyme Disease! I have the utmost respect for her knowledge, experience and empathetic considerate approach. I don't know where I would be without Abrah. I would highly recommend Abrah.

  • Debra Vincent

I was lucky to find Abrah when her clinic was located in Red Deer. Her knowledge and expertise in clinical herbalism is unprecedented. Abrah's clinic is warm and comfortable, and her graceful presence is an absolute joy. Her herbal remedies are crafted with consciousness, care and years of practice, the results are truly exceptional . I recommend her to individuals seeking a holistic approach to wellness for the first time, as well as those experienced in plant medicine. Whether you are taking a meditation class, or seeking a clinical consultation, you will be in good hands.

  • Alison Leone

Abrah is warm and welcoming, her knowledge and care extend above and beyond diagnosing and prescribing. I always walk out of her clinic feeling lighter. I deeply appreciate her intuitive way with people and medicine.

  • Chelsea Hughes