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Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy safe to use on people of all ages from newborn to seniors. Canadian Osteopaths are referred to as Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

A session will consist of an evaluation to determine the state of the body and the response to any previous treatments. This is followed by a hands-on manual therapy, working with the bones, joints and soft tissues of the body including the tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia. Osteopaths are also trained to work with the Cranio-sacral system and the viscera (organs and supporting tissues).

They are knowledgeable in the use of remedial exercise and may well prescribe follow-up exercises for you to do at home.

Osteopathy works in collaboration with the body's natural healing mechanism, listening to it to reveal its story and then support the needs dictated by its intelligence.

Following treatment, there can be a recovery period of up to a few days while the body reintegrates and rebalances itself into an improved state of homoeostasis and health.

Osteopaths receive rigorous training to acquire a highly developed understanding, touch and awareness. They also study more traditional Western disciplines ranging from Philosophy (how to reason), Anatomy (structure), Physiology (function), Pathology (when things go radically wrong), and may include other disciplines such as Kinesiology (movement), Biomechanics (analytical understanding of movement), Psychology (mind and emotions), remedial and routine exercise, and even Acupuncture (another map of relationships in the body).

Osteopathic treatments are covered under all government and most private health insurance plans.

Osteopathy can help treat:

Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Post Concussion Syndrome, Frozen shoulder, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Ankle Sprain, TMJ Syndrome, Migraines, Headaches, Head Trauma, Whiplash, Digestive Issue, Scar Tissue, Paediatric Disorders, Flat head syndrome, Release general stress and tension And MUCH more!

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