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Date(s) - 18/10/2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Ottawa Holistic Wellness Centre


We often see ourselves in our parents. How about when a parent develops a chronic health condition – does that mean this is our own fate as well?

We hear so much about genes and DNA, we come to believe that our destiny lies in the genes we inherit. Yet the new science of epigenetics tells us a different story – that we have control – some scientists say up to 95% control – over which genes are turned on and off. We exercise this control through our lifestyle choices.

Come and learn from Functional Medicine Health Coach Hilary Samuel about the 5 critical things you need to do today that you will thank yourself for tomorrow. In the meantime, you will take charge of your health and your life!

In this FREE session you will:

  • Learn the 5 top things you may not be doing now that you will thank yourself for in the future
  • Discover 3 common misconceptions about food, exercise and rest – all of which contribute to disease
  • Uncover the surprising secret to de-stressing your life
  • Conduct a self-assessment to find out how you can maintain excellent health throughout your life
  • Be eligible for a FREE 20-minute individual follow-up session with Hilary to help you interpret your self-assessment

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Hilary Samuel is an educator, facilitator and health coach. An expert in transformational change, she has worked with people from all over the world to foster breakthrough learning. She holds degrees in Biology, Education, Human Systems Intervention and Ecopsychology. She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Candidate with a focus on healthy ageing.

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