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Health Insurance Plans

Many of our services are covered under health insurance plans such as Sun Life, Great West Life etc., this usually includes Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Registered Massage, Acupuncture and Psychotherapy. Some of our practitioners are also registered with Blue Cross.

Important: Individual plans do vary so please be sure to contact your provider to be sure that they do provide coverage. It may also be necessary to obtain a referral from your medical doctor before treatment; please check with your provider.

(Ottawa Holistic Wellness cannot be expected to know the specific details of your plan).

Osteopathy and insurance providers

Please be sure to check with your provider that they will cover the association that your osteopath is registered with. It is your responsibility to check as we cannot be expected to know the details of your plan.

Claiming on Income Taxes

Generally CRA will accept the same services as Health Insurance providers. For a current list of the services you can use on your taxes click HERE.

And for other medical expenses such as tests, you can find information HERE.

Direct Billing:

We can direct bill most insurance companies for Acupuncture, Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic treatments - please ask us or check with your provider to be sure. (Please note: It is not possible to direct bill for any services under the government plan with Sun Life.)

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

We provide cover for Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance claims in Ontario for the following services: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathic medicine and Counselling.

Our Prices

Prices are shown before applicable taxes.

Please note, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathic Medicine are exempt from tax.

Acupuncture: Emily Dunn

Initial Consult (90min)  $130

Follow up Acupuncture (60min)  $75

Combined Acu/Cupping (75min)  $110

Initial Facial Rejuvenation (90min)  $150

Follow up Facial (75min)  $130


Acupressure and Tai Chi Therapy: Dr. Yu Ming Ye

Initial (60min)  $110

45min Follow up  $90


Allergy Therapy: Sue Taylor                                

Initial Consult and Testing (60min)  $135

Follow up treatment (15-30min)  $65

Allergy Therapy: Dominick Hussey

Initial Consult and Testing (60min)  $160

Follow up treatment (15-30min)  $80


Chiropractic: Dr. Stacia Kelly, Dr. Josh Keily

Initial Visit (45min)  $97

Initial: Student/Senior  $75

Adjustment: Adult (15min)  $47

Adjustment: Student/Senior  $35

Adjustment: Child 0-10yrs  $18

Adjustment: Child 11-18yrs  $25

Adjustment/Acu: Adult (30min)  $65

Adjustment/Acu: Student/Senior  $50


Counselling and Psychotherapy: Sofia Lopoukhine    

60min Session  $92.92  (Sliding scale applies)


Craniosacral Therapy (RMT): Erica Sainsbury, Pamela Semple

90min CranioSacral  $130

75min CranioSacral  $110

60min CranioSacral  $90

45min CranioSacral  $75

30min CranioSacral  $55


Cupping: Emily Dunn LAc

Initial Cupping/Tui (75min)  $130

60min Cupping/Tui Na  $115

30min Cupping/Tui Na $65

Cupping: Erica Sainsbury, RMT

See massage prices

Cupping: Mohammed Mahrous

Initial 45min Cupping  $75

30min Cupping $55

PEMF / Cupping Combination 75 min Session $100

Cupping: Dr Natacha Montpellier, ND and Dr Eric Viegas, ND 

See Naturopathic prices - initial appointment required (treatment will be given during initial)


Emotional Blueprint Reflexology: Deborra Cameron

60min Session  $100


Energy Healing: Abrah Arneson, Robbie Robertson

90min Session (Abrah only)  $130

60min Session  $100

45min Session  $85

Energy Healing: Sue Taylor

60min Session  $110

Hormone Gland Balancing (Energy Healing): Deborra Cameron              

60min Session  $100


Functional Medicine: Dominick Hussey

Initial assessment (60min)  $200 (Includes review of your intake form prior to visit)

60min Follow up  $160

45min Follow up  $120

30min Follow up  $80


Clinical Herbalism: Abrah Arneson

Initial 90min consult  $150

2hr Follow up  $150

90min Follow up  $120

60min Follow up  $90             

45min Follow up  $70

30min Follow up  $50

15min Follow up  $35


Individual Meditation: Abrah Arneson

60min Session  $75


Registered Massage: Dragan Lazetic, Erica Sainsbury, Pamela Semple, Robbie Robertson

120min Massage  $170

105min Massage  $150

90min Massage  $130

75min Massage  $110

60min Massage  $90

45min Massage  $75

30min Massage  $55

Naturopathic Medicine: Dr. Eric Viegas, Dr. Natacha Montpellier

Initial Visit: Adult (60min)  $170

Initial Visit: Child 0-12yr (45min)  $120

Initial Visit: Student/Senior (60min)  $120

60min Follow up  $135

45min Follow up $115

45min Follow up (Child/Student/Senior)  $95

15min Follow up $50

Acupuncture or Cupping (45min) Initial required  $70

Follow up + Acupuncture (75min)  $85 

Fertility With Dr. Natacha Montpellier ND

Couples Fertility Initial 2hr (Per couple)  $270

Couples Fertility Follow up 1hr (Per couple) $190


Nurse Practitioner, Michele Berthiaume (Available from Sept 4, 2019)

Initial Visit (60min)  $120

60min Follow up  $100

45 min Follow up  $80

30 min Follow up  $55

15 min Follow up  $40


Holistic Nutrition: Emily Stott

Initial Assessment 90min $150

60min Follow up  $90

30min Follow up  $60

Live Blood Cell Analysis 60min  $175


Osteopathy: Traditional and Cranial

Robin Breger (OAO), Florian Deverriere (SOCATO), Arianne Gosselin (OOA)

60min Osteopathy  $130

45min Osteopathy  $105

30min Osteopathy  $70


60min Osteopathy  $105

45min Osteopathy  $70


Functional Osteopathy: Dominick Hussey (OAO)

60min Osteopathy  $160

45min Osteopathy  $125

30min Osteopathy  $80

15min Osteopathy  $40


Ozone Therapy: Mohamed Mahrous

Initial 60min including treatment  $55

45 min session, health review, collect the Ozone  $50

15min add on session for Mohamed to administer the Ozone  $30    

Initial Package: 10 Treatments including an Initial save 10%  $477   

Follow Up Package: 10 Follow up Treatments (No Initial) save 10%  $450   

Follow Up Package: 5 Follow up Treatments (No Initial) save 5%  $237.50

NOTE: There is an additional fee for Ozone collection bags and catheters


Private Qi Gong Sessions: Deborra Cameron

60 min Session  $100


Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF): Mohamed Mahrous

30 min Session  $55

PEMF / Cupping Combination 75 min Session $100


Pranic Energy Healing: Robbie Robertson

60min Session  $100

45min Session  $85


Reflexology: Dragan Lazetic (RMT)

75min Session  $110

45min Session  $75

60min Session  $90

Reflexology: Deborra Cameron 

60min Session  $100


Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Sue Taylor

90min Session (Abrah only)  $130

60min Session  $100

45min Session  $85

Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Sue Taylor

60min Session  $110


Reiki Master Training: Abrah Arneson

Contact us for details of dates and prices or see our Events Page


Shamanic and Tantric Healing: Roger

60min Healing session  $110


Clinical Somatic Therapy: Richard Hudspith

60 min session  $90 


Tui Na Chinese Acupressure Massage: Emily Dunn

Initial Tui Na (75min)  $130

60min Tui Na Follow up  $115

30min Tui Na Follow up  $65