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Hypnosis is an efficient and practical way to achieve your life's goals. Using a natural state of directed relaxation, hypnosis enables you to achieve the changes that you only imagined were possible.

Sometimes willpower alone is not enough to make and maintain long-term changes; hypnosis can supplement, empower and supercharge your ability to reach your goals. Simply put, hypnosis helps you create a state of mind that allows you access to internal strengths and resources. It enables you to break old patterns and create new, healthy habits, to develop new attitudes and enhance the quality of your life.

An abundance of research shows outstanding results for the use of hypnosis in pain management, surgical recovery, smoking cessation, weight loss, exam anxiety and many other areas of life. It is widely used by professional, college and high school athletes seeking peak performance. Hypnosis can help end fears and phobias and is used to promote a sense of calm. While the complete list of reasons to use hypnosis is too long to include here, it is clear that hypnosis can be used to help clients with a wide-range of issues.

Just imagine how your life would change if you: stopped smoking, were finally able to lose the weight that is limiting you, overcame your fear or phobia, or stopped living with pain and finally experienced comfort? What if I could help reduce your resistance to change or increase your own motivation to reach your goals? Maybe there are other goals that you would like to achieve and need some help? In hypnosis, you do not even need to state the specifics of the problem to achieve the desired result.

Derrick is there to work with you in a way that is comfortable for you while focusing on new ways to help you to achieve the success you desire. Derrick can also teach you how to access new internal resources anytime you want!

Derrick does not provide diagnosis and treatment of disease. Derrick would be more than happy to work with other professionals to provide support to your current treatment programs.

Research shows that Hypnosis can help with:

Weight loss, stopping smoking, exam anxiety, improved performance in sporting activities, lack of self-esteem, depression, insomnia, fears and phobias, pain management, surgical recovery, unwanted habits and much more!

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