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Sue's Approach

Sue, Energy Healer and Natural Allergist, believes in a providing truly holistic approach to her client’s health concerns by determining the root cause, not just addressing symptoms. She considers allergies, intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, infections from bacteria, virus and parasites as well as an energetic, emotional and structural imbalance.



First steps

Sue was born and raised in the UK. Her father was an ENT consultant surgeon and her mother a physiotherapist.

After a 15-year career as a front line police officer in London, England, she found her own calling in medicine in the natural healing arts.

Sue had always had problems with food allergies, suffering from Irritable Bowel, sinusitis, lethargy and brain fog.

For many years she had avoided certain foods, particularly yeast and milk, her worst allergens. She also had a severe allergy to coconut.

Allergy therapy

She, Natural Allergist was introduced to NAET Allergy Therapy when her future husband Dominick started treatment for his own allergies and later completed the course to become a practitioner. Following treatment, she found that she was able to return to eating all of the foods that had previously been a problem, including the coconut.

Education and Experience

First certified in Holistic Massage in 2004, Sue then completed an NAET allergy course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, UK.

She went on to work in several health clinics in England, including time with chiropractic and osteopathic practitioners, and in a conventional primary care medical setting.

She has had great success treating people of all ages and also animals, including horses, for which she has had a lifelong passion, and cats and dogs.

Energy healing

Sue, Energy Healer, has always been fascinated by the phenomenon of energy in the body and how it relates to everything around us. She has attended a number of courses, and, since 2010, she has been mentored by Roger, a Shaman and Tantric Healer, in order to develop her own understanding and feel with energy medicine.

She is also a Reiki level 3 practitioner and is continuing to study in order to become a Reiki Master.

To broaden her abilities she has studied other modalities such as nutrition, bodywork systems, Bowen therapy and mind-body techniques, all of which she incorporates into her work when needed.


In early 2009 she immigrated to Ottawa where she worked with the Integral Health Clinic and, later, Dr Nahas and the Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine.

In 2014 she and her husband, Dominick, founded Ottawa Holistic Wellness, providing a much needed, truly holistic healing centre for Ottawa.

Other interests

Outside of work she loves the outdoors and nature, skiing, horseback riding, cooking for friends and music. She and Dominick live in the country and share their house with several rescued cats.

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