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Robert's Approach

Robert, osteopathic manual practitioner and registered massage therapist, is a highly skilled and experienced therapist.

He has an extremely diverse set of skills to help his clients and a particular interest in posture and movement.

Individual treatments include consultation, assessment and treatment, and remedial exercise using appropriate techniques in collaboration with you, the client.


English and French.

Robert has studied many approaches:

Craniosacral Therapy

Supports the central nervous system. It involves gentle manipulation and correction of tissue at the levels of the cranium and face the central canal and sacrum.

It works with the added component of the cerebrospinal fluid present throughout the Craniosacral system.

Massage Therapy 

Is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain.

Massage Therapists in Ontario are taught basic "Swedish massage" bus as a regulated health care professional this is expected to be augmented with ongoing studies as part of continual professional development.

Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Method) 

Is an efficient method for treating the lymphatic system, whether for lymphedema (congestion and swelling of lymph), to improve circulation or boost the immune function.

It is gentle but very accurate and effective and works specific or general regions of the body.

Masgutova Neurosensory Motor Integration

This is a system of body care that looks at "reflexes". Reflexes are archetypal movements encoded in the DNA which begin in the womb as early as 4 weeks after conception and are switched on progressively through gestation, birth, infancy early childhood and on into adulthood. These movements are important as they form the basis for all higher motor, emotional and cognitive function. There are tests to determine the state of a reflex, treatment and remedial exercise.

Mitzvah Technique: Is a corrective postural and movement system with roots in the Alexander and Feldenkrais traditions and works with the movements of daily life. It involves a table work component of gentle corrective movements and manipulations as well as corrective exercises to enhance the body's natural ant-aging, anti-gravity and self-healing mechanism.

Osteopathy: Traditional osteopathy is a complete system of manual therapy medicine which has been around for about 150 years. The osteopath works with the body as an interconnected whole and sleuths to locate the source of pain and identify functional and potential problems rather than simply treat symptoms. Osteopathy involves gentle realignment or "normalisation" of body tissues allowing it to return to a mobile and integrated working system and to its natural state of self-preservation.

The Physiological Chains, Busquet Method is a complete system of assessing and treating functional problems. The assessment treatment takes into account the entire body and its functional relationships. It is safe and effective, new to Canada, it has been taught and practised throughout Europe and South America for well over thirty years. Robert is presently working on translating this body of work into English to bring this knowledge to Canada and North America.

Posturology: As developed by Bernard Bricot in France over the past 20 years, recognises the postural system as a body system like any other with its own set of organs and relationships, dysfunctions and pathologies. A posturology session involves an analytical assessment with various corrective aids to restore the postural system to its normal state.

Reflexology: Works mainly on the feet, through manipulation and pressure points that reflect and result in a beneficial effect on the rest of the body. Feet, especially in our modern urban environment, suffer great abuse and strain.

Somatotherapy: Was developed in France by Guy Voyer and is allied with osteopathy. This system involves techniques at the level of the articulations connective tissues and circulation, along with remedial exercises such as myofascial stretching, vertebrospinal (E.L.D.O.A.) exercises for the spine, and respiratory and circulatory exercises. Myofascial Stretches are stretch positions that improve coordination and control of movement as well as increasing Decoaptation Stretches): are exercise positions for strengthening the fine postural muscles at every vertebral level to realign joints and open spaces to decrease or remove pain and improve movement and flexibility.

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