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derrick barnes hypnotist

From December 1, 2017, Derrick will be working from an office on Montreal Road. Please contact us for details

Derrick's Approach

Using the latest techniques and evidence-based research Derrick, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist will help you focus on reaching your goals.

His approach combines coaching techniques, solution-focused brief hypnotherapy and mindfulness. Even though Derrick focuses on future successes and not past challenges, he will, upon request, offer various other services such as past life regression or energy work.




Derrick is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Criminology), Honours Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), and a Master's of Social Work.

Derrick has always been interested in human behaviour and how perceptions impact us.

He has researched and used a wide-range of intervention approaches and therapies. In fact, he has been working in the field of human dynamics for over twenty years.

His professional experience ranges from mediation services, family dynamics intervention, addictions, psychiatric health, working with the homeless or near homeless populations, conflict management and coaching techniques.

His goal has always been to find what works efficiently and more simply. Once Derrick started studying hypnosis, he discovered how valuable this tool is for instilling rapid improvement and growth in his clients.

Derrick's approach is useful in helping clients to clarify and define their goals, to overcome previous resistance and challenges, and to move them towards their goals.

Not only can hypnosis help you reach your goals, make permanent changes in your life and increase motivation, it can also help you make radical changes in your life on so many other levels.

By using hypnosis, the power of the mind-body connection becomes amazingly apparent, as clients can live pain-free and smoke-free without any withdrawal.

By incorporating his years of training in various intervention techniques and the hypnotic approach, Derrick offers a holistic approach to assist his clients in achieving amazing results.

Derrick will not provide counselling, psychotherapy or diagnosis and treatment of disease. Clients currently under the care of a doctor or mental health professional should make this provider aware of their desire for hypnosis.

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