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carl teychene-coutet osyeopath

Carl's Approach

Carl is an enthusiastic and experienced osteopathic manual practitioner treating all of his cases with a holistic approach.

Carl never misses an opportunity to remind his clients that Osteopathy is an extraordinary holistic medicine that considers the client as a whole. It is a preventive, maintaining, and curative approach, but also an emergency medicine for acute conditions.



English and French.


He graduated from the Institut Dauphine Osteopathie in Paris, France and went on to work with two clinics in Paris. In 2016 he moved to Ottawa and is excited about helping clients here.

At university, he developed a keen interest in sports injuries and worked with professional rugby and soccer teams. He was also a volunteer member of an association working with people from the poorest sections of society. In 2015, wanting to open his mind to alternate therapies, he attended the Wat Poh Thai Massage School in Bangkok.


During his career, he has connected with an extensive network of medical professionals and understands the importance of sharing his passion with different therapists in order to enhance his ability to help his clients to the very best of his ability.

He will welcome you in French or English.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, Carl is an active sportsman, interested in rugby, hockey and sailing. In short, he most enjoys sports with a strong sense of teamwork. He also enjoys discovering new things through travel, arts and science.

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